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Where to find graphic designers for your design work

The first way would be to stay ahead of the game by continually honing his skills and knowledge. The next important step would be to work with reliable partners like Designhill, Peopleperhour, Fiverr, etc. This demand-supply gap has paved the way for the third party vendors who connect the graphic designers and clients.

This trend has been highly beneficial for both the designers as well as the clients. It saves the graphic designer the trouble of finding clients and the hassle of payment follow up. The client chooses the best designer at economical prices and is liberated from the stress of undergoing continuous screening processes. The requirement brief, commercials, and deadline are determined, and the entire process is monitored and coordinated by the vendor or the facilitator.

You should further read reviews about each platform before patronizing them. Here Are Top Places to find graphic designers for your design work.


Designhill, an Indian based company has established a position for themselves in the global market through their unique systems. This portal is exclusive for graphic design jobs, and a team of experts guides the freelance designers. The portal has five different methods for offering projects to freelance graphic designers.

The designers are expected to create a profile for themselves and submit their portfolio. The submitted work is then checked and approved by an in-house consultant. Once the project is approved, the designers become a part of the Designhill freelance team. Various contests are regularly conducted where the freelancers can submit their work based on the client’s instruction. The client selects the best graphic design and pays the designer accordingly.


They can also proffer their existing models which are purchased by the client as per their requirement. Designhill displays a list of small design tasks, and there are also individual graphic design jobs available. The payment process is coordinated by the company and transferred using PayPal or payoneer.


Naukri has one of the leading job portals right from its days of Hari Sadu. It has been the most preferred platform by the job seekers and the companies. Though Naukri does not have a screening process, the portal has a detailed information portal which captures the employment and qualification details which is beneficial to the clients. Naukri does not usually charge the jobseekers, though they have a premium version and they also offer some certification courses.

The job portal has a decent number of freelance and work from home listing in addition to regular job opportunities. Freelance Graphic designers can apply either through the company, and they can also subscribe to the job alerts. The portal sends notification on a daily basis which is both useful and informative. It is essential for all graphic designers to create their portal in the portal so they will receive an update on the vacancies in the market.


This job board is known for its extraordinary industry insight of the graphic design and website design opportunities for most companies in USA and Canada. The company has both paid and free version which can be utilized by job seekers across the globe. The company can either post a job using the job posting package or access the entire database of designers by paying a monthly fee.

There are two ways the designers can access the tasks listed in the portal. They can create a Krop Talent Profile for free or build a custom website with their portfolio. A small monthly fee is charged for hosting the site. In addition to it, Krop team sends regular emails of job listing to the designers which they can apply for the position through the website. The website also provides options to share the opportunities in Social Media.


Peopleperhour is a job platform which connects job seekers and companies across the globe. The portal works in two ways, and the project is awarded to the freelance graphic designers through a bidding process. The job seekers can post hourlies of their services which are accessed by the clients. The clients can also display the job requirements which are notified to the designers by email, and it is updated on the portal.

Peopleperhour selects the designers based on their profile and asks them to bid on the specific projects. The project is awarded based on the rating, client feedback, proposal submitted as well as the quotation. The job seekers may be asked to provide a sample or portfolio before awarding the work. The portal charges a service fee for the entire process. The portal holds the funds until the completion of the job.


Fiverr is yet another marketplace which connects the service providers with the potential projects. Similar to Peopleperhour, Freelance graphic designers can create a task or a service which can be promoted in the Fiverr website as well as in the social media pages.

The portal offers the option to create different categories of the same service as basic, standard and urgent. Clients can select the services as per their requirement and contact the designers for more clarifications. The clients can also post their project requirements which the job seekers can bid along with their proposal.

The portal holds the commercial for a limited amount of time post which is released to the freelancers. The portal has an equal mixture of both small as well as significant jobs. The graphic designers are expected to maintain a particular rating to apply for the jobs. They can post their service listing even without the minimum grade. It is advisable to retain the score to increase the chances of acquiring the project. You can also register on sites like Fiverr to get designing freelance jobs.


Toptal is a job portal exclusive for technologists inclusive of designers, developers and engineers. There has a robust scrutinising process, and they claim to select only 3% of their applicants.

The applicants are screened and filtered on the basis of their communication, Personality and technical knowledge. There is also a live screening process where the graphic designers are given tests which are monitored by industry experts. Access to the portal is provided only to the top candidates.

The graphic designers are given a separate page on their website, and they can display their educational details, work details, expertise and portfolio. The portal has opportunities for both full time as well as freelance graphic design jobs. They have strict guidelines which all employees are expected to follow to maintain the standards promised by the job portal.


This portal was launched as Elance O-desk and later rebranded as Upwork. The portal also offers other kinds of jobs in addition to graphic designing and website designing. The portals work on a bidding process, and the job seekers are provided with a specific amount of credits. Extra credits can be purchased, and it will be refilled on a constant basis.