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What are the latest features that are being introduced to the computing world?

The computer is a product of man’s ability to think and improve their environments by fashioning tools that will make it easier for them to do things. The history of computers dates back to about 5,000 years ago when Abacus was first used for addition and subtraction of number. Since then, the computer has metamorphosed from a manual device to a mechanical device to its current state of being an electronic device. Even after becoming an electronic device, several improvements have been made including reducing its size while making it more powerful. Even today, improvements are being made to the computer to make them more powerful, useful, and smaller where necessary. Some of the latest features that are being introduced to the computing world today are discussed subsequently.

All-in-one computers

Not too long ago, the desktop computer often includes a system unit and a monitor that is connected with a physical VGA cable. Hence, the system unit can be purchased separately from the monitor. Many people can trace the history of their first computer, especially if they had to buy it from their earnings to buying the system unit first, and then buying the monitor, keyboard and mouse with the next paycheck. Today, there is now the option of an all-in-one desktop computer that looks just like a television set and can be placed on a table. Hence, the system unit and monitor are a unit and not separable. With time, this all-one-computer might phase out the system unit and monitor as separate units desktop computer.

VGA cable

Laptop/Tablet in one

The mobile phone, especially smartphones, is still a relatively new technology in the computer world. A variant of smartphones currently available and used by many people who want bigger screens but even more flexibility than the laptop can provide are tablets. However, there are currently laptops that can be converted to tablets and back as the user wishes. The implication is so that people can continue what they were doing on their laptop on their tablet and then continue later on their laptop as they wish seamlessly without an Internet connection or copying of files. If you want to buy these types of computers, you should tech companies’ reviews on to know the right tech products to buy and where to buy them.

Faster computers

The processor speed of computers is still being worked on to make them faster. More processors are being joined together to produce dual-core, quad-core and octa-core processors towards increasing the speed of the computer. Hence, we have different classes of processors including dual-core, core i3, core i5, and Core i7 among others. Each higher version is mostly improvements on previous versions towards making faster computers.

Increased resolution and graphic capability

Increased resolution and graphic capability are constantly being worked on as well. Since playing games and watching movies are some of the common things that computers are used for, the technological developments in those areas have to be matched by computers. Hence, with FHD and 4K resolutions, their equivalent on the computer must also be available for those who want to enjoy those capabilities on their computer.


The software of computers is also enjoying continuous developments. Newer versions of existing software are being released regularly with new features, while new software with the capability to do various new things is also being developed. There is currently the race to build software for 5G technologies and the Internet of Things compatible products.