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Technology Park Definition Must Know

Technology Park is a specialized industrial park for technological companies. The main objective of this type of park is to encourage the development and creation of innovative technologies in order to generate economic growth. The main goal of this type of business is to develop new ideas and products that can be marketed and sold on an international level.

What Is Technology Park?

A technology park is a place where technology companies, entrepreneurs and innovators can work together. It’s also called an incubator. Technology parks are usually located in the outskirts of a city so as not to disturb its residents but still be close enough for interaction with city services like hospitals and schools.

In the past, technology parks were called science parks because they were created to help scientists conduct experiments safely without harming people or animals nearby by using hazardous chemicals or radioactive materials. Today they’re more commonly known as incubators because they provide support services such as funding assistance programs as well as office space (or “incubation”) for startups looking for capital investments from angel investors or venture capitalists

Technology Park Benefit From The Industrial Business

You might have heard of Technology Park Definition and wondered what they are. A technology park is a place where businesses can collaborate with each other to solve problems and create new products. This can be done through sharing ideas, knowledge, or even working together on projects.

A good example of this would be if you were trying to build something but didn’t know how to do it yourself. You could go online and look for someone who has already built something similar so that you can see how they did it (this is called collaboration). Or maybe you have an idea for a new product but don’t know how much work is involved or whether people will actually want it (this would require collaboration).

Why Do Businesses Need A Technology Park?

A technology park is a special area of land that has been designated for the development and use of technology-based businesses. Technology parks are often located near colleges and universities, which provide a steady stream of educated workers who have specialized skills in computer science, engineering and other areas.

Technological innovation can lead to new job opportunities in any community. The presence of these industries will bring more people into your area looking for work, which increases your tax base as well as providing employment opportunities for local residents.

Choose Perfect Location For Your Technology Park

Before you start looking for a location for your technology park, there are some important factors to consider. First of all, choose a place that is accessible to major roads and highways. Secondly, it should be easily accessible from the airport as well. The port should also be close by so that goods can be shipped in and out of your business easily without having to go through too many hoops in order to do so. Another important factor when choosing a location would be proximity to city center so that your workers do not have far distances between where they live and work every day; this will help keep costs down while also maintaining productivity levels high because people won’t feel like they need extra time just getting back home after work each day! Lastly Lastly but certainly not leastly (is “lastly” even a word?) make sure there are hospitals nearby incase anyone gets sick or injured during their time working at this location – nobody wants anything bad happening out there!

Cost To Set Up A Technology Park

The cost of establishing a technology park varies depending on the location, size and features. However, it can be estimated as follows:

  • Technology Park Investment Cost: This includes all costs associated with setting up the infrastructure required for a technology park including land acquisition, construction of buildings and other infrastructure such as roads etc., installation of utilities like electricity supply lines, water supply pipes etc., setting up security systems (CCTV cameras), building maintenance expenses etc. The average investment ranges between $500 million to $1 billion per project depending on its size and location.
  • Technology Park Construction Cost: This refers to expenses incurred during construction period which include labor charges involved with building construction activities like interior finishing works like flooring tiles/marble flooring etc., electrical fittings/plumbing work etc.; machinery/equipment purchases such as lifts/elevators; furniture items required for offices along with other miscellaneous expenses such as consultancy fees paid during planning stages before actual work begins – usually around 10%~20% more than total amount spent on actual development process itself since this stage involves many decisions regarding location choice (if not already decided), type/size requirements needed based upon projected demand etc.


In this article, we have discussed the different aspects of Technology Park Definition. We hope that it will give you an insight into how a technology park benefits from industrial business and what type of location should be chosen for setting up such an entity. If you’re looking forward to setting up a new business in your area, then this is definitely something worth considering!