MX player for PC & Laptop

MX player is a powerful video player which is being used universally . This pc video player is composed of with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support with better sound and the video quality which makes it the most preferred and first choice of text users . MX player is the first Android video player which is supporting the multi-core decoding . MX player has the feature to support almost every file format including 3gp , avi , divx , mkv , mp4 , mpeg , mov , webm , wmv etc . It is the best media player for the Android lovers with straight forward and rich features.

The best thing about the MAX player is that it allows you to enjoy it’s services free of cost i.e, you need not to pay anything for using or installing MX player on your device. MX player has the quality to give you an ad-less experience on your device , it doesn’t contain any un-relevant ads which you do not want to see or disturb you at the time of watching movies or videos. MX player is available for all devices like Android, IOS, Mac book, windows etc . In most of the users devices, MX player is the primary media player on their Android device.

We know that in the world of Android MX player is the best media player and the first choice of users but if you are a laptop or PC user then what will you do . As we know that MX Player does not have still launched it’s official version for PCs and laptops and you wanted to install MX Player PC. Do not think that you will not get it on your PC until it’s official version arrives in the market you can easily get it we will be going to tell you that how you can install the MX player for PC & laptop and run it successfully to enjoy the most relevant and powerful HD videos on your laptop or PC .

How to download & install MX player for Windows XP / 7 / 8 and 8.1 on your laptop

We know that you are really excited to use MX player on your PC . I am sure you have been used or still using the VLC media player or KM player on your laptop or PC for watching g movies and videos but now we have an alternative to use MX player on PC still when it’s official version is not available . For download MX player for pc, you need to, first of all, install an Android emulator . Follow the below mentioned steps for easily downloading and installing g term MX player on your PC or laptop :

Step – 1 : First of all we are going to install an Android emulator on our PC . Their are several Android emulators in online market but the most preferred and recommended android emulator is Blue Stacks . If you have already pre installed Blue stacks then you can skip the next steps . So, first of all, go to the site from where you can install the Blue stacks to your device or you can follow the below-provided link.

Step – 2 : After , clicking on the link you will be directly redirected to the site from where you can download Blue stacks emulator . Click on the download button from the window .

Step – 3 : Now , when you click on the download button a new window will get open and your downloading will start in few seconds. Now, wait till the downloading gets completed.

Step – 4 : When the downloading of Blue stacks emulator gets complete you will get the notification, go to the download folder and check for your downloaded file.

Step – 5 : Locate your downloaded Blue Stacks file and then click on it for starting the installation procedure.

Step – 6 : When you click on the file a new window will get appear in front of you with it’s terms and conditions . Read them and then at the bottom side you will see a small box . Mark a check in that box which indicates that you are free with the terms and conditions of Blue stacks .

Step – 7 : Now click on the next button to proceed your step further more .

Step – 8 : Again click on the next and then on install option your installation process will begin shortly on your device . Wait till the installation of Blue stacks gets completed.

Step – 9 : After installing Blue Stacks you need to open it and sign in the Google services with your Gmail account.

Step – 10 : When you sign in with your mail account on Google service you will be able to see a lot of apps in it. You need to search for the MX player in the search bar .

Step – 11 : After finding the MX player click on the install button which is present at the middle right side corner of you screen .

Step – 12 : After clicking on it you need to accept the terms and conditions. Click on the accept button.

Step – 13 : As you click on the accept button your downloading for MX player will begin shortly and after some time it will get installed to your device automatically.

Step – 14 : Now, go to the apps section in Blue stacks and look for the MX player app . Open it enjoy your favourite videos and movies in high quality on such a great application at your PC or laptop.

So , by following these simple steps you will be able to MX player download for pc with just the help of Android emulator at your own device .

How to install &Download MX player for windows 10 ( 32 bit and 64 bit )

In the above process, MX player for windows 7 32 bit free download For laptop now, we will be going to install the MX player on Windows 10 ( 32 – bit and 64 – bit ). If you are running your PC on windows 10 and wanted to get MX player on your device then follow the below provided steps for installing. The steps and procedures are almost same let us know it –

Step – 1 : First of all we need to install an android emulator on our PC or laptop of windows 10 . As we know that the best recommended android emulator for PCs and laptops id blue stacks . So we will first of all install the blue stacks apk on our device . For downloading the blue stack apk click on the below mentioned link

When you click on this link you will be directly redirected to the blue stacks site .

Step – 2 : Now , click on the download button present at the top right side on the opened window .

Step – 3 : Now , after clicking on the download button a new window will get open in front of you with a pop up box . Click on the save file option at the pop up box .

Step – 4 : After clicking or saving the file your download for the blue stacks will begin shortly. You can view your file in the downloads section . Wait till the downloading gets completed.

Step – 5 : Now , when the downloading gets completed locate the file and click on it . A box with terms and conditions of blue stacks will appear in front of you . Check the small box present at the bottom side of the screen which means that you agree for the terms and conditions. Now click on the next button.

Step – 6 : Now you have to install the blue stacks to your device . When the installation gets completed an icon of blue stacks will get visualize on your desktop . Click on it to open .

Note : If you have pre-installed blue stacks android emulator on your device then skip all of the above mentioned steps.

Step – 7 : Now , You will see several apps in your emulator then, go to the google services and open it .

Step – 8 : After opening the google play store you have to now sign in their with your gmail account .

Step – 9 : After the sign in procedure the loading will occur wait few seconds till the loading gets completed .

Step – 10 : Now , after the completion of loading a new window will get appear in front of you in play store .

Step – 11 : Here in this new window at the top you will see a search box here you have to type MX player and then press enter to search it . When you type the MX player a lot of versions and variations will get open in front of you.

Step – 12 : Now , click on the icon of MX player which is present at the first.

Step – 13 : After clicking on the icon of MX player , a new tab will get open on the screen . Here you have to click on the install option which is present at the mid right side corner of the screen .

Step – 14 : Next , for installing the MX player you have the accept the terms and conditions of the app . Click on the accept button which is present in the newly opened tab .

Step – 15 : After accepting the terms and conditions your downloading will begin shortly for the application . Wait till the installation process gets completed . Now open the app .

Step – 16 : after opening the app a tab will get open click on the ok button and now you are ready to use the best media player i.e, MX player on your PC or laptop in Windows 10 .

So , in this article we come to know that how we can get the MX media player on our Laptop or PCs of Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 and XP . By following all of the above mentioned steps you will be definitely not be going to face any problem in downloading or installing the MX player at your device . Now , you are ready to use and watch your favourite videos and movies with help of this most wanted and best HD video player for PC.  Enjoy your watching . For any problem you can contact us we will be happy to solve your problems .