Download MX Player Custom Codec APK

Every Android user is nowadays using MX player in their Android device for having a wonderful experience of watching movies and videos in high quality. MX player is the worldwide used most popular media player used for Android users. It is the best application for the entertainment purpose just like VLC media player for windows with very high ratings and 500 million plus users. This application is easily available on Google play store of your device.

Sometimes when you are playing video and change the AVI format or select any language option on MX player it shows audio format AC3 is not supported this means that MX player ac3 codec is currently not supporting your device for solving these type issues you have to install third-party codecs. Few months ago MX player has stopped the supporting to the AC3  codec for MX Player and DTS codecs due to which you are unable to hear audio while playing DTS / DTSHD / AC3 / EAC3 / MLP files due to some licensing issues . But this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to play these file format on MX player. You can get these codecs from third parties which is accessed or allowed by MX player.

Free Download MX Player Custom Codec APK

Let us know that how we can get these codecs in your MX player –

Adding custom codec AC3 on your MX player

Here you will know that how to Install Codec files

Step – 1 : For knowing that which of the custom code will be going to be supported by your Android device you have to first of all open the MX player app on your Android device.

Step – 2 : Now you have to click on the menu option which is present at the top right side corner of your device screen.

Step – 3 : After opening the menu option you have to go to the settings option which is present in the opened list. Click on it.

Step – 4 : Next, a new list will get open in front of you from which you have to find out the option of the decoder.

Step – 5 : After clicking on it now, scroll down at the bottom where you will see another option of Custom codec which suggests you the appropriate version of Custom codec for your Android device.

Step – 6: So, now as you re aware that which custom code you have to get or will be supported by your device you just need to ac3 codec download it . After downloading the file put it in the internal memory of your device without any folder or naming it. ac3 codec for MX player download from the below link.

Step – 7: So you have to download the custom code which supports your device it can be 1.8 or 1.8.6 or 1.9.0 depending on the version of your MX player for PC and Android. So, we suggest you download the appropriate version for your device.

Sometimes it happens that MX player recognizes the custom code by its own but sometimes it happens that you will have to do this by your own. Now the question raises how will you be going to do. Just follow these below mentioned simple steps –

Step – 1 : First of all open the MX player on your Android device.

Step – 2 : Now you have to click on the menu key which is present at the right side top corner of the screen of your device.

Step – 3 : Next , you have to click on the settings option present in the open list.

Step – 4 : After opening the settings option go to the next option which of decoder present in the list.

Step – 5 : Now, just scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on the option of Custom Codec.

Step – 6 : Next, you have to open the path of zip file which you have been downloaded previously.

Step – 7 : You have to click on that codec file and the rest process will get completed by its own.

So, by following the above mentioned simple steps you will easily get the custom code or AC3 on your device without facing any problem.

There are a lot of latest versions of MX player Codec files. Some of them are –

MX Player Custom Codec Apk Files Download


* TEGRA3 CODEC 1.9.8

* ARMV7 CODEC 1.9.8

* X86 CODEC 1.9.8

* ARMV6 VFP CODEC 1.7.39

* ARMV6 CODEC 1.7.39

* ARMV5 CODEC 1.7.39

If you are not sure that which MX player custom codec version will be suitable for your device then you can easily download the AIO pack which is All In One pack for your device. After successfully installing the codec you can confirm it. Now, you are easily able to play video with DTS, AC3 audio codec for MX player and DOLBY audio on your MX player.

Some features of MX player

1 . Subtitle support

Other video players does not support the format of all subtitles but the MX player supports all of the subtitles for you.

2 . Kids Lock

Kids lock feature allows you to enjoy videos even when you are managing your kids. By using this feature your kid will not be able to do anything even after tapping on the screen.

3 . Hardware acceleration

There three encoders which are present in MX player ( SW, HW and HW+ ), which helps you to unleash out the maximum of your hardware without even damaging them.

So, you are easily able to use AC3, DTS and Dolby digital codec video by just following the above mentioned steps. You are also able to use MX player as an audio player and you can play the audio files with even downloading any other application for this. I hope that you will be able to get the custom codec on your android device by following the above mentioned simple steps.