MX Player APK 1.9.8 Download LATEST Version

MX player is the best and most prior media player in the world. MX player is a highly flexible media player as it is compatible with all type of smart phones with all versions almost . For getting or downloading the MX player APK you can go to the Google play store of your device so that you can easily free download MX player the file . MX player is clean and straight forward as compared to other media players.

MX player automatically stays up to date and refresh itself when you add or remove any of the video or file from your device . Navigation in MX player is very simple not more than few simple and easy taps . MX player is the first video or media player which supports the multi core decoding feature . One of the best feature of MX player is that it supports almost every format of file like 3gp , Avi , divx , mkv , mp4 , mpeg , mov , webm , wmv etc . The MX video player is composed of with some advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support for better video and sound quality which  makes it unique and better from other media players .

MX player allows you to have a better experience of watching without facing any advertisement issues. The official version of MX player as some ads but the pro version of MX player is free from any type of advertisement the only thing is that you have to purchase the MX player pro from Google play store for just $ 5 . MX player is available for almost all devices like Android, ios , windows , Mac etc . Most of the Android users make the MX player as their default media or video player. MX player has a lot of new and great features for you so that you an enjoy the best video quality. As some times before MX player has removed some of text codec from it due to some licensing issues but you can get these codecs from third parties to your MX player .

MX player pro app and the free version of MX player are almost identical. MX player pro version is completely ad free but the free version of MX player has some of the advertisements in it . MX player pro version also supports some additional formats of playing file while there are some formats which have been removed from MX player free version due to some license issues.

Free Download 1.9.8 MX Player Latest Version

You can get the pro version of MX player from Google play store at some nominal charge of around $ 6 . There are also some unofficial sites which gives you the benefit of using MX player pro version free of cost that is you need not to spend your money in buying the pro version of MX player. Another thing that might come in your mind is whether you need to spend again when you update your pro version of MX player. The answer is no when you buy the pro version of MX you have already paid the amount now if you update your app then you will not be going to pay any amount again. So , we can say that it is just a single time payment.

Features of MX player 1.9.8 app

Version 1.9.8
File size 15.46 MB
Requirements Android version 2.2 or plus
Developer J2 interactive
Update September 19 , 2017

Best features provided by MX player

1 . Search and use subtitles: You can easily download the subtitles of the particular video which you are watching right now or going to watch in some time from the internet and can sync it with your video  . Although , MX player supports a great variety of subtitle formats .

2 . Use Kids lock feature: This feature is a very great feature which is still unknown to some users . If you have naughty kids or toddlers in your home then this feature is specially made for you by MX player . By using kids lock feature of MX player you can run your video and after that lock your screen so that if your kid unknowingly touches the screen it will not be going to disturb your movie . As this features disabled all of the controls temporarily .

3 . Compatibility: Aside of subtitles MX player is also compatible with a lot of different video formats . So that you need not to worry about the compatibility for any of the video when you are using MX player for watching your favorite videos or movie .

4 . Gestures: MX player also has the facility of gestures , you can use the simple gestures to adjust the brightness or text volume for your video while watching it by MX player .

5 . Decoders : As we told you earlier that MX player has a lot of various decoders which enhance or rise the audio of any video to a very great extent . Also by using the encoders or decoders you can rise up the volume of your video up to 200 % specially for low volume videos .

Free Download All versions of MX player pro

What’s new in an updated version of MX player?

We all know that every app got it’s update regular on time as does the MX player too . You should regularly update your app to enjoy it’s latest features . Before updating any app every one thought that what is new in this ? Why do I need to update my previous version ? We are going to tell you that what are new features and which issues has been fixed in the latest 1.9.8 version of MX player –

1 . It has fixed up some issues regarding protocols related to HW+ and SW playbacks .

2 . It has improved the non – smooth HW+ playback of some  videos on Android 7 .

3 . It has fixed up the issue of background play which always got resumed despite of allowing in settings .

4 . It has fixed up the issue of AVI files which gets started at the random position .

5 . It has fixed up the issue of black screen in the split screen mode of MX player .

6 . It has solved up the issue of playback failure of some of the local m3u play lists .

7 . It has solved or fixed up the issue of blank space on the top of the medialist screen.

How to download MX player App to Android device from Google play store

Step – 1 : First of all open your device and go to the Google play store of your Android device . Click on play store icon to open it .

Step – 2 : Now , you will see the search box at the top of the screen . Here type MX player and search it on Google play .

Step – 3 : A new tab will get open in front of you with the MX player icon . Here you will see the option of install at the mid right side corner of your screen . Click on that option .

Step – 4 : After clicking on the install button Google services will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of the app . Click on the accept button present at the newly opened tab.

Step – 5 : Now , after accepting the terms and conditions you will see that the downloading of your app will begin shortly . Now , wait till the downloading gets completed.

Step – 6 : Next, after downloading Google play store allows the facility of installing the app automatically. Make sure that you allowed the install option from unknown sources from the settings of your Android device . Otherwise you will not be able to install the MX player app.


Step – 7 : After the installation process gets completed you will see the icon of MX player at the top of your home screen . Click on it to open .

Step – 8 : After opening the MX player you will see the list of features of MX player click on OK button . Now enjoy watching your videos .

So , by following the simple steps you will be able to install the MX player latest appointment 1.9.8 to your android device . You are ready to enjoy the best services of MX player.

How to download MX player for Android device from website

Step – 1 : First of all open the Google chrome on your device and search for the MX player download or you can also follow the below mentioned link .

Step – 2 : After clicking on this link you will be automatically redirected to the MX player free download page. The window will get open in front of you like this.

Step – 3 : On your mobile screen you will see a large button of download in the middle of your screen. Click on it .

Step – 4 : Now , another window will get open in front of you . Click on the continue to install button present on your screen . As soon as you click on the install button your downloading for MX player will begin shortly now wait till the downloading gets completed .

Step – 5 : Now , go to the settings option in your mobile device scroll down and look for the security option . Click on it .

Step – 6 : After clicking on security scroll down a little and you will see an option of unknown sources . You need to make it allow so that you can install the MX player .

Step – 7 : Now , after providing access to the unknown sources go to the download section of chrome and look for your downloaded file . Click on it .

Step – 8 : After clicking on the file you will see the option of install in the bottom right side of your mobile screen . Click on it .

Step – 9 : Now , wait till the installing of MX player gets completed . After the completion of installation procedure you will be able to see the MX player icon on your device . Open it and enjoy the better experience of your videos and movies through MX player .

How to download MX player for PCs or laptop windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

In this article we got the steps for downloading MX player on our android device . Now we will be going to download MX player on our Laptop of PCs for windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 .

If you wanted to get this freedom app on your PC or laptop , you just need to follow the below mentioned steps . As we know that MX player has not yet released any of its official version so first of all we need to get an android emulator on our device .

Step – 1 : First of all we need to install an android emulator on our PC or laptop of windows 10 . As we know that the best recommended android emulator for PCs and laptops id blue stacks . So we will, first of all, install the blue stacks APK on our device . For downloading the blue stack APK click on the below mentioned link

When you click on this link you will be directly redirected to the blue stacks site .

Step – 2 : Now , click on the download button present at the top right side on the opened window .

Step – 3 : Now , after clicking on the download button a new window will get open in front of you with a pop up box . Click on the save file option at the pop up box .

Step – 4 : After clicking or saving the file your download for the blue stacks will begin shortly . You can view your file in the downloads section . Wait till the downloading gets completed .

Step – 5 : Now , when the downloading gets completed locate the file and click on it . A box with terms and conditions of blue stacks will appear in front of you . Check the small box present at the bottom side of the screen which means that you agree for the terms and conditions. Now click on the next button .

Step – 6 : Now you have to install the blue stacks to your device . When the installation gets completed a icon of blue stacks will get visualize on your desktop . Click on it to open .

Note : If you have pre – installed blue stacks android emulator on your device then skip all of the above mentioned steps . 

Step – 7 : Now , You will see several apps in your emulator then , go to the google services and open it .

Step – 8 : After opening the google play store you have to now sign in their with your gmail account .

Step – 9 : After the sign in the procedure the loading will occur wait few seconds till the loading gets completed .

Step 10: Now , after the completion of loading a new window will get appear in front of you in play store .

Step – 11 : Here in this new window at the top you will see a search box here you have to type MX player and then press enter to search it . When you type the MX player a lot of versions and variations will get open in front of you .

Step – 12 : Now , click on the icon of MX player which is present at the first.

Step – 13 : After clicking on the icon of MX player, a new tab will get open on the screen . Here you have to click on the install option which is present at the mid right side corner of the screen .

Step – 14 : Next , for installing the MX player you have the accept the terms and conditions of the app . Click on the accept button which is present in the newly opened tab .

Step – 15 : After accepting the terms and conditions your downloading will begin shortly for the application . Wait till the installation process gets completed . Now open the app .

Step – 16: after opening the app a tab will get the open click on the OK button and now you are ready to use the best media player i.e, MX player on your PC or laptop.

Note : We are not able to get the MX player version in I phone as, MX player has not still launched its features for I phone users but you can get the MX player pro from I – tunes on your apple device.

The interface of MX player in smart phones and tablet is almost similar there is no difference in both of them . This video player requires only one tap or one swipe down from the top edge on the screen to emerge the navigation or notification bars . There are other aspects also which are well designed that is including a lock button specially for kids so that you can watch your videos without worrying with your kids , as this feature temporarily stops down all of the procedures of your device until you unlock it . You can also change the viewing set which can change the mode from stretch to 100 % fit to the screen and the rotation which can be forced to the screen – fit which is based on the system setting of your android device . This app has a file browser which is really smooth and clean .

This MX player Latest version has auto – refreshing system which means that when ever you remove or add any file to your device it will definitely get refresh automatically in the MX player . So , in this article we got a lot of knowledge about MX player , features of the MX player , different versions of it . You should MX player download APK the compatible version of MX player which is suitable for your android , PC tablet. As we are aware that MX player is the best APK for video or media playing so everyone wants this best player MX player in their device.

We provide you the step wise guide for downloading or installing the MX player on your device with help of these steps as provided above in this article . We hope that you will be able to successfully install and  MX player APK Download on your device easily by following those simple steps . If you face any problem in downloading or installing procedure then you can contact us with your problem we will be always there to help you . So , do not waste a single minute go and get this fantastic video playing app that is MX player on your device.